The PET Container That is Drone Deliverable (and ECommerce Ready)


Written by Brian Lynch

September 30, 2020

“PET container” and “drone deliverable” aren’t phrases you normally see together in a headline. Recently I published a post with 4 consumer trends reshaping the dairy industry. One of those 4 cornerstone trends is ecommerce. As we’ve seen during the current crisis, having a product that is ecommerce ready is not an add-on anymore, it’s a necessity.

In this article, we are going to take that one step further and talk about a PET container that is not only ecommerce ready, but drone deliverable.

Is it Realistic that Milk and Other Products Will Actually be Drone Delivered?

Imagine stepping out of your house, looking up, and seeing drones flying in the sky. According to 2025: The Industry Blueprint of an Intelligent World, it is not far-fetched at all.

By 2025, we’ll start seeing traffic patterns moving from the earth to the sky, into what some call the “digital sky.” This could be why Amazon, UPS and even Domino’s are investing in drone delivery services.

I’ll admit, as a consumer, it’s intriguing. I’m looking forward to ordering my first drone delivery item. I’m not alone. 36% of online shoppers are more likely to purchase an item if it’s delivered by a drone. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have concerns.

20% of us are concerned about our packages getting damaged when they drop from the drone.

(Source: Clutch)

How Does This Trend Affect Companies in the Dairy Industry?

The current HDPE milk containers are not ecommerce ready or drone deliverable. The good news is, by simply changing your container, milk, juice (and many other household products) instantly become ready to take advantage of this growing trend.

The BottleOne PET Container Changes Everything

BottleOne is an affordable large capacity, standard grade PET container with an integrated PET handle. It is designed to improve your operating efficiencies and increase your productivity by dramatically impacting your entire supply chain.

In addition to that, the strength and durability of the BottleOne PET container make it able to withstand the drop from a drone. The hermetic seal prevents leaking, which continues to complement ecommerce and drone delivery transactions.

According to the BottleOne website:

There is exciting growth happening in ecommerce, and that growth is in its infancy. Participating in that growth requires a package with the toughness of BottleOne. Most HDPE bottles do not have the performance characteristics to shine in the ecommerce industry, as even a small leak will contaminate other products, other shipments, and the delivery vehicle itself.

BottleOne’s PET Container Can Handle the Drone Drop

This is proven by over 7 drop tests at 6+ feet.

We’ve dropped BottleOne bottles on concrete and rough terrain. We know this PET container will withstand the drop. If a typical HDPE container is dropped more than 2 feet, it will split and shatter.

There are three characteristics of a BottleOne PET container that make it drone deliverable:

  • The hermetic seal (there’s no leakage)
  • The strength and durability (impact strength)
  • The top load strength (stacking without secondary packaging)

We anticipate that BottleOne PET containers will pass the Amazon ecommerce test without any problems.

The Importance of Top Load Strength

The importance of top load strength is evident in the staging. When we think of ecommerce, most of us immediately think of the big online stores, like Amazon.

But there’s a lot of bricks-and-clicks too. Bricks-and-clicks are physical stores that also offer online ordering. Think of the stores that have offered online ordering for curbside pickups during the recent pandemic.

In these stores, the space in the back of the store is very limited. Those retailers select the items that have been ordered online, and store them in the back of their shops (while they await curbside pickup or delivery).

In order to make this work, retailers need products with top load strength and durability so they can be stacked high to maximize the space in the back of the store.

For this reason, the strength and durability – including top load strength which accommodates stacking – is very advantageous for retailers who are focused on this type of ecommerce.

The Importance of Eliminating Secondary Packaging

Another attractive aspect of our PET container is its elimination of secondary packaging. Again, this goes back to the strength of the container.

Now all the cardboard that normally stacks up in the back of the store waiting to be recycled is eliminated. Retailers no longer have to deal with storing that baled cardboard. This is a huge convenience factor and a real win for retailers. It makes it easier to do business, and makes a welcome contribution to responsible, sustainable packaging.

Final Thoughts

It turns out, it is not impossible to create an ecommerce ready and drone deliverable milk product. All you need to do is change your container. By switching to a BottleOne PET container, you will be ready to grow your business into the future, no matter what comes our way!

Let us show you how BottleOne will improve your operating efficiencies and increase your profitability

BottleOne is an affordable large capacity, standard grade PET bottle with an integrated PET handle. BottleOne is designed to dramatically impact your supply chain. Let us introduce you to this 21st century operating model.


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