BottleOne is an affordable large capacity, STANDARD GRADE PET bottle with an integrated PET handle

What makes it so special is how this technology will impact your bottom line.

Are you using pinch grips or bale handles?
It’s time for a change.
  • The BottleOne handle is designed to be consumer friendly and easy to use
  • No ancillary equipment is required to apply or attach the handle
  • No handle inventory is required
  • All BottleOne product is 100% recyclable
  • Preforms can be manufactured with up to 100% recycled PET
  • BottleOne technology utilizes standard injection and reheat stretch blow molding equipment with no cycle time penalty
Are your large capacity bottles ePET or CoPET?
  • BottleOne technology utilizes standard PET resin, recycle code
  • Increased strength and durability of resin will allow for 10-15% light weighting of primary package, while minimizing secondary packaging
  • Preforms can be manufactured with up to 100% recycled PET
  • Helps CPG companies achieve their sustainability goals while benefiting the environment
  • BottleOne technology utilizes standard injection and reheat stretch blow molding equipment with no cycle time penalty

It’s just beautiful

That this patented technology could still have this much impact
on your ePET or CoPET business:


  • Corrugated Savings
  • Corrugated Storage Savings
  • Potential Resin Savings
  • Increased Production Efficiency
  • Faster Run Times
  • Produce More in the Same Footprint
  • On Demand Manufacturing


  • Better Distribution Efficiency
  • Increased Bottle Durability
  • Reduced Warehouse Space
  • Faster Truck Loading
  • Dock Door Efficiency
  • Optimizes Fleet Efficiency
  • Reduced Shipments/Emissions


  • Improved Consumer Perception
  • Increased Retail Efficiency
  • Reduced Bottle Leaks
  • Increased Bottle Durability
  • Reduced Corrugate Handling
  • Reduced Corrugate Recycling
  • Reduced Corrugate Storage

Put profit back into your pocket

Migrating your container to BottleOne technology delivers a better product,
enables improved economics and reduces your carbon footprint.

Endlessly sustainable

Balancing economic, social and environmental sustainability factors in equal harmony.

Here is a fraction of the total sustainability savings available to you.

By converting one million corrugated boxes to tray pack, you will save:






Your Bottle Needs to Change…

By changing your bottle… you incorporate new ideas and technologies to meet the needs of today’s marketplace.

For decades, designers and packaging makers have been trying to figure out how to create a cost-effective, one-piece, PET bottle with a handle for mass production. After 55 years of HDPE gallon and half-gallon jugs, it’s here. Introducing BottleOne, a standard grade PET bottle created on established manufacturing platforms, and blow molded with an integrated PET handle.

By changing your bottle… the delicious taste and natural nutrition profiles will be preserved.

We know that multiple variables can influence product quality, including microorganisms, light, oxygen and temperature. PET barrier solutions improve product safety with good oxygen barrier properties – 50 times higher than HDPE. The same variables that ensure your products taste better also help them retain better nutrition than regular HDPE jugs. A Virginia Tech Study proves that 2% milk, packaged in PET, retains more nutrition and tastes better than products packaged in standard HDPE bottles.

By changing your bottle… there are no leaks, no mess, and no smell.

Large bottles leak everywhere – in production, in transportation, in the dairy case (stinky!), in consumers’ cars, homes and refrigerators. If you drop a bottle, the bottle may split and the lid pop off (messy!). Customers expect more, and deserve more, from a container that delivers their family’s first drink of the day.

By changing your bottle… 60% – 90% of the secondary packaging is eliminated.

The packaging required to get traditional smelly, messy bottles to retail is extensive: crates, cardboard boxes, stretch wrap, etc. Purchasing, handling, warehousing and disposing of these materials is all very costly, and they take a toll on the environment.

By changing your bottle… you greatly improve your logistics operation.

The extraordinary strength and durability of BottleOne containers can be leveraged to stack more, and higher. One user went from 4 layers on a pallet to 5 layers on a pallet, and stacks of 2 pallets in the same space formerly used for 1 pallet of HDPE bottles. Product storage, handling and shipment is streamlined, and efficiency is improved at every step.

By changing your bottle… milk, juice, laundry detergent and other products will be e-commerce ready and drone deliverable.

There is exciting growth happening in e-commerce, and that growth is in its infancy. Participating in that growth requires a package with the toughness of BottleOne. Most HDPE bottles do not have the performance characteristics to shine in the e-commerce industry, as even a small leak will contaminate other products, other shipments, and the delivery vehicle itself.

By changing your bottle… self-manufacturing becomes an option.

BottleOne technology is designed for in-line, on-demand production. BottleOne PET containers can be made faster than HDPE to match filler speeds, with significant savings from space utilization, labor content, energy, waste, and work-in-process. Most customers find a favorable payback when adapting their production line to incorporate BottleOne containers.

By changing your bottle…
We can introduce you to a 21st century operating model



A revolutionary blow molding process

BottleOne Technology builds on the principles of injection and reheat stretch blow molding to create PET containers of extraordinary strength and durability. Using a preform with an integrated PET handle, BottleOne technology uses established manufacturing platforms to create large capacity handled containers at industry competitive speeds and economics.

Patented Technology

The development of BottleOne, a PET bottle with an integrated PET handle, took nearly a decade. Currently, there are eight US patents which have been issued, and three US patents that are currently pending. To date, there has never been a patent claim denied. The initial patent “Manufacturing Method and Device for a Container with an Integral Handle” has been approved in 8 countries and has been allowed and is now pending in over 20 countries.

Independent top load strength tests demonstrated BottleOne was far superior (>7x) to HDPE bottles in a side-by-side evaluation of one gallon bottles. Virginia Tech has validated BottleOne to have a higher retention of riboflavin (flavor), vitamins, and dissolved oxygen (potential for longer primary shelf life).


Making a BottleOne PET bottle


  • BottleOne is your source for preforms that take advantage of the BottleOne technology.
  • BottleOne offers volume pricing, continuous technological improvements, and the ability to quickly and easily adopt this innovative operating model.
  • Preforms can be manufactured with up to 100% recycled PET.
  • A variety of stock and custom sizes are available.
  • All BottleOne product is 100% recyclable.
BottleOne is committed to Responsible Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement, and Sustainable Excellence

Blow molding

BottleOne containers are manufactured utilizing a reheat stretch blow molding process on industry standard blow molding equipment modified for the technology. No ancillary equipment is required to apply or attach the handle.

Blow molding process

Industrial design services

We provide industrial design services, including product testing, engineering design, and industrial design consultations for consumer plastic containers.

Incredible partnership

InterTech has been engaged as our exclusive engineering integrator, for design, installation and project management of all production line conversions to BottleOne.

InterTech has helped hundreds of food and beverage plants implement a variety of manufacturing projects for over 35 years. InterTech helps manufacturing companies reduce their operating cost for a single line or for multi-plant operations. They model plant operations and provide feasibility analyses of project ideas.

InterTech also develops Requests for Information (RFIs) or Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for major equipment to determine and secure the best value for its clients. InterTech can forecast operational costs for the long-term and establish budgets for plants that have not previously been self-manufacturing their bottles.

InterTech’s clients include Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola (and their respective bottlers), Cargill, ADM, Refresco, and many others. We invite you to view a more complete list of InterTech’s esteemed past and current clients.

Meet some of the experts

With decades of relevant experience in PET bottle manufacturing, we’re collaboratively solving all potential roadblocks to implement BottleOne technology.

Bill Duelge

Bill Duelge

Chief Technology Officer

Brian Lynch

Brian Lynch

Chief Financial Officer

Gregory A. Kershner

Gregory A. Kershner

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Cunningham

Mike Cunningham

Business Development


The HDPE milk bottle was introduced 55+ years ago. With continual light-weighting reducing flavor and nutrition, volumes have fallen. What hasn’t fallen are your headaches throughout the supply chain. What if you could provide a safe package that does not leak, is transparent, innovative, sustainable, and e-commerce ready? Well, now you can! We call it BottleOne™.
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