BottleOne Technology Featured in SIPA Presentation


Written by Bill Duelge

March 16, 2022

If you didn’t tune into PETnology’s Pack Passion Week 2022, you missed a good one. Even though I like the personal touch of being at the conference, I enjoyed watching the presentations from my desk. SIPA’s presentation, by Paolo De Nardi and Pablo Fiorentini, was my favorite. They did a tremendous job talking about their technology platforms – from their injection capability to their blow molding to their single systems that convert recycled PET flake into a PET bottle. They even explained how all these systems are adaptable to our BottleOne technology – a new large format bottle with a built-in PET handle!

Across the board, companies are laser-focused on delivering innovation that creates sustainable improvements for our environment, shareholders and brands. I saw that reflected in SIPA’s presentation.

I met Dr. Appel, the host of PETnology’s Pack Passion Week, about five years ago at a trade show. At that time, we had just blown our first liquor bottle with an integrated PET handle.

Dr. Appel and I talked for over an hour, and he provided a wealth of encouragement. He confirmed the importance of having a large format “in-preform” PET handle to move packaging companies away from less environmentally friendly resins.

We are able to create this large format “in-preform” PET handle in the BottleOne technology running on SIPA machines today.

We talked about how many people had tried to develop this technology and had been unsuccessful. He encouraged us to continue trying until we could deliver it to the production floor. It was really special to see him be the host as SIPA introduced BottleOne to the world.

I am very appreciative and enthusiastic about SIPA and their partnership with BottleOne. SIPA accepted the challenge and made a commitment to deliver all the wins associated with this amazing bottle. Sustainability wins, brand holders win, and end users win.

In their presentation, SIPA did a great job capturing the benefits that we have worked hard to build into the BottleOne technology over the last few years. Seeing it all come together at a conference of the magnitude of PETnology’s Pack Passion Week was gratifying. On some level, this conference was an inflection point for BottleOne technology.

From this point forward, the feasibility and viability of BottleOne on the production floor is affirmed.

I am confident that in ten years, we will reflect upon this presentation and say that was the time when the world found out they could produce BottleOne on their production floor. Developments from this point forward are going to center around improvements in efficiency, yield, and calculating the long list of benefits that come from this package.

The world has never seen a more sustainable large format bottle (greater than 2L or 64 ounces) than BottleOne. To a large degree, the heavy lifting is done. Thank you, SIPA, for leading the way.

Now we get to embrace the fun part of the journey – defining product applications, partnering for brand designs, and getting this new packaging technology on the shelf. This will carry the work forward, and will give others the opportunity to build on it.

Our work is far from finished, and we are up to the challenge as we build upon the vision and support of SIPA and Dr. Appel to promote BottleOne. We are engaged with many companies already across several market segments. They seek to be the first to introduce this new package and reflect their commitment for sustainability to the world.

I have no doubt there will be further inflection points and watershed moments in our future. We can now state unequivocally that BottleOne technology is no longer developmental. BottleOne is available through tier-one suppliers for their production floor today.

We offer our gratitude to the SIPA team, not only for the courage to build, ship and deliver these machines, but also for embracing this vision that is important to the world. We also thank Dr. Appel for his encouragement five years ago on a trade show floor, and for his commitment to arrange PETnology’s Pack Passion Week conference.

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